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Acoustic Guitar Lessons For Beginners

Guitar lessons for beginners learning to play this beautiful instrument is something I cannot recommend enough. To save time, the added stresses of finding resources to learn to play as well as that guidance can mean a lot. But I bet you know that one guy that never learned to play, but always says…

Learning to play a guitar is as easy as picking it up, making sure it’s strung and then playing…right?

Wow, if only someone had made that even more clear for me when I started playing 8 years ago. Without the proper teaching, guidance, purchasing the right guitar and showing me what a practice schedule should be, it took me a while to learn to play. Today, I can recommend so many guitar lessons for beginners and other best ways to learn to play guitar from around the internet that it makes my head spin.

So, what’s the truth behind learning to play a guitar?

I get asked how I taught myself to play the acoustic guitar all the time. It wasn’t easy. What made it more difficult was that I didn’t know about music. Back then I had no idea what a power chord was, how a barre chord was shaped nor what a hammer on or pull off could be.

The better question you need to ask is ‘how long will it take you to learn to play the guitar?’ Does it have to take you forever to learn? Where are the best resources for learning to play acoustic? Where are the best courses? What are the best guitars for kids? What are the best guitars for under $500?

Myth one: It takes 10,000 hours to learn to play

Nope. It takes 10,000 hours to master the guitar. To learn to play, it takes less than 50. To get good, maybe 300+. So in a year, you could be good enough to possibly jam. To get good at learning to strum, finger and play an acoustic, you definitely need to start with a good learning system or course.

Myth two: It’s too hard to learn at my age

Anyone, of any age, can learn to play the guitar. Seriously…learning to play the acoustic guitar is something I’ve seen kids not even seeing their tenth birthday pickup, as well as people preparing for their 90th. Age isn’t the key here, but I know what is…

Myth three: I can’t because I don’t have the right course or guitar

…isn’t that what I’m here for?! On BChords.com, we are going to check out the best of the best for how to learn to play the guitar, the best guitar, we are going to break down guitar note charts, and even check out some courses you can purchase online to get those 50 hours to truly learn to play the acoustic guitar. You can start with a kick-ass online acoustic and electric guitar course, and get a free account today!

Speaking of B Chords…

Bm (B minor) is second most used chord from the B chord group on the guitar. Playing B minor is very similar to playing an A minor. The only difference is that you need to move from zero to second fret.

Just like for B chord (B major), do barre pressing the lower five strings, and press:

  • Fourth fret, third string – using ring finger
  • Fourth fret, fourth string – using pinky
  • Third fret, fifth string – using middle finger

Nothing has the sound, that passion or that raw quality like an acoustic guitar! Think about those songs where you hear each individual arpeggio played, and each sound that is hypnotic on every slide on the acoustic guitar.

Think for a second of the song, “Plush” from Stone Template Pilots (for all the 30+ somethings out there). What an incredible song in its original version. But the acoustic version on MTV Unplugged was mind-blowing.

There have also been some truly incredible cross-overs of pop, R&B, rap and metal songs as acoustic versions that were better than the originals. If you want probably one of the best ones, check out Obadiah Parker’s version of Hey Ya.

Acoustic Guitar Basics

A lot of people learn to play the guitar with an electric, rather than on an acoustic guitar. For most, this reason is due to age. Think about it…when you were in your teens, or maybe you are now, are you envisioning being on stage with an acoustic, or an electric guitar? EXACTLY! But this isn’t the only reason…

  • Persona – people associate being awesome at guitar with an electric guitar
  • Cost – most costs are similar, but a better acoustic guitar; it can get expensive
  • Pain – an electric guitar is easier on fingertips than acoustic strings
  • Size – most acoustic guitars are relatively larger than their electric counterparts
  • Tuning – electric guitar can plug directly into your tuner, while an acoustic really can’t

However, there are so many things that make an acoustic guitar for beginners a much better choice. Namely, the entrance into using an acoustic guitar to learn guitar teaches proper technique. This is very clearly the case when you are ripping half played power chords on the electric, compared to trying to do the same on an acoustic…and all you get is a plunk!

The other thing that I love is that with an electric you need to set your distortion and amps just right to get the right sound. With an acoustic, as long as it’s tuned correctly, you can hit that perfect sounds as you’re learning 99% of the time. It’s just a more beautiful instrument in my mind.

Best Beginner Acoustic Guitar Guide

Beginner GuitarsFeaturesGrade
41-inch Sunburst (PRO-1 Series)
41" Inch Sunburst (PRO-1 Series)
* 41" Dreadnought
* Sunburst Finish
* Calputa Bridge
* Resin Pegs
* Back End Button
* under $100
Squier by Fender Guitar Pack
Squier by Fender
* Includes tuner, strings, strap
* Real rosewood bridge
* Laminated spruce top
* under $120
Yamaha Folk Acoustic Guitar Bundle
Yamaha F325 Acoustic Guitar
* Includes tuner, strings, strap
* Includes picks, capo
* Starter Bundle of $90 Value
* under $150
Fender Red Full-size Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar
Full Size Red Acoustic Guitar
* 41" Acoustic Guitar
* Calputa Fretboard
* Includes case, strap, strings
* under $100

These guitars are the best picks for your aspiring guitarist; or even the inner guitarist in you. Each ranges in pricing and size, but can be used by someone 9 to 90 to learn to play the acoustic guitar. Also, most come with bundles that include free strings, a carrying case, free picks, a tuner and more…so check them all out for sure!

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